The latest thing Kate Middleton is getting shamed for.


Everyone. Kate Middleton has committed a crime against beauty humanity.

The Duchess of Cambridge has hit headlines for revealing that she is not infinitely youthful and *gasp*… has some grey hairs.

The Daily Mail have reported that Kate’s pregnancy has been “taking a toll on her beauty regime,” when a (gorgeous) half up hairstyle showed that yes, she does have a few hairs that are not their usual chestnut brown.

It has been suggested that Kate gave up dying her hair to avoid potentially harming her baby during her second pregnancy.

Kate Middleton's grey hairs. Look very very closely where the hair is wrapped around the half-up do.

How about it is Kate’s hair and she can do whatever she likes to it?

Whether she chooses for it to be grey, pink or purple.

But wait, the criticism of Kate going through a process that it common to all women doesn’t end there.

Hairstylist Jo Hansford has weighed in on the grey situation, explaining that while most mothers opt for a colour-free pregnancy, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Because when you have a beach ball protruding out of your stomach, can’t see you toes, or walk 20 metres without having to go to the toilet – of course your number one concern is getting to the hairdresser to cover up those pesky strands.

Watch out Kate, the hair police are coming for you.

“Although colouring your hair doesn't affect pregnancy and there is no need to avoid it, some people do worry about the consequences,” Jo explains.

“Nevertheless, if someone is concerned, there are different techniques that can be used to avoid touching the scalp,” she continus.

Hair stylist Errol Douglas also adds his opinion, saying, “I recommend vegetable dye and colour glosses to my clients when they're expecting. They're safe and take them through those months with a gentle solution to keeping roots at bay.”

Internet: I think it's time for you to go home now.

What do you think of Kate Middleton being shamed for her grey hair?

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