FLUFF: Exactly how much it costs to be a stylish Royal.

The Queen may have advised Kate Middleton, 32, to keep her hemlines below the knee and wear more tiaras, but doesn’t sound like she had a price limit.

So how much did Kate’s royal tour wardrobe cost?


Yep. 83,000 big ones.

The Duchess of Cambridge pulled off 22 different looks across the 19-day tour of New Zealand and Australia, each one meticulously documented by the over-excited Australian media (And yes, that definitely includes us – we’ve been known to spend an inappropriate amount of time gawking at pictures of her impeccable style).

Kate’s more expensive fashion choices include a $4145 powder blue Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton, who was also behind her wedding gown.

The Duchess of Style went out with a bang on the last night of the Royal Tour with an elegant white cocktail dress by bridal designer Lela Rose. A favourite among Hollywood’s elite, a Lela Rose gown will set you back around AU$6000.

True to her signature sartorial style, Kate was sure to mix her designer pieces with more affordable options from the high street. Which we probably don’t even need to tell you have now flown off the shelves.

Kate’s Diane Von Furstenberg dress.

Kate’s printed Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, which costs around $AU530, reportedly sold out eight minutes after she was seen wearing it in the Blue Mountains to meet the locals affected by last year’s bushfires.

Her Me+Em striped Brereton t-shirt, $AU87, is now out of stock on the brand’s website, and a Tory Burch dress, $AU424, worn for Prince George’s play date in New Zealand, also sold out within a day.

And just to add to the growing list of reasons we want Kate to be our best friend, she recycled just as many existing accessories from her wardrobe, proving you can be an outfit repeater and still be fabulous.

She didn’t wear a single pair of new shoes, opting instead for old favourites like her trusted L.K. Bennet nude pumps, which cost $AU335.

At the end of the royal day, there’s no denying Kate’s universal public appeal continues to rise. The woman juggles intense media scrutiny and public interest with the pressure to remain appropriately ‘royal’ on a daily basis and we have to concede that she’s doing a damn fine (and ridiculously chic) job.

What do you think? Should Kate be making more frugal fashion choices?

Flick through the gallery to enjoy more pictures of Kate’s style and the rest of the royal tour.

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