Is this proof that the Queen has changed Kate Middleton's style?

Back in February we reported that The Duchess of Cambridge was set to undergo a “subtle but significant regal makeover” for the Royals trip down under.

If you weren’t across the Queen’s style memo at the time, she advised the Duchess to adopt “lower hemlines” and wear “statement jewelry and gemstones” from her personal collection.

The not so subtle style advice meant Kate Middleton was to retire the flirty dress hemlines she favoured in order to avoid potential wardrobe malfunctions, like when the wind whips up and the world freaks out about her upper thighs.

At the time we joked that for someone who doesn’t exactly get around in mini skirts or singlet tops it was hard to imagine that Kate’s makeover was going to have much impact. But take at look at the tour outfits of one of the most famous women in the world and it’s easy to spot just how the Royal re-modelling of Kate Middleton has changed her style.

The above image is Kate in the same red Luisa Spagnoli suit but three years apart. On the left is the Duchess in in 2011 at her second Royal appearance with William, and on the right is Kate in New Zealand this week. The chunky black boots and dark hair are gone (as are the nude heels) but take a look at the hem length. On the left it sits well above the knee, on the right it’s just touching Kate’s kneecap.

It’s been mild in New Zealand, which explains why the turtleneck sweater, tights and gloves are missing but this isn’t the only example of Kate’s modest makeover. Take a look at the hemlines of Kate’s yore:

Now take a look at the hemlines she wore during this tour:

Need more convincing? Take a look at this:

 And this:


And this:

As you probably know, the Duchess and Duke (and that squishy Prince George) have arrived in Sydney, we gasped when we saw the yellow frock she was wearing:

Correction: early reports said that the yellow dress was by NZ designer Rebecca Taylor, we now know that the frock was by Serbian-born, London based Roksanda Ilinic. Here’s hoping we see some Carla Zampatti, Maticevski or Romance Was Born (c’mon how amazing would that be?) on the Duchess while she’s here.

For all of Kate’s tour outfits, take a sticky here.

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