FLUFF: Duchess of Style Kate Middleton's best Australian outfits.

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge? More like Her Royal Hotness, The Duchess of Style – am I right?

Whatever her title, Kate Middleton‘s tour of Australia and New Zealand has basically been a one-woman fashion parade. Kate’s been flawless at every single possible moment, though we are mildly concerned that she and William might get RSI in their right hands from eleven non-stop days of waving.

Without further ado, we present to you, The Most Magical Things Kate Middleton Has Worn While Waving To The Convicts.

Let’s start with a local goodie, shall we?

1. The Confused Beach Goddess.

Wearing sky-high heels to the beach is usually an extreme Don’t Even, but the girl’s a Brit so she may not actually be familiar with the concept of sand and surf and the general barefoot attire expected. Plus, this beautiful lacy dress is by Aussie designer Zimmerman and it’s the fanciest human-size doily we’ve ever seen.

Let’s zoom on in for a better look at the detail. Exquisite, no?

2. The Mango Weis Bar.

When Kate stepped off the plane in Sydney, she was dressed as an elegant Weis bar (yellow with a splash of vanilla ice cream to the side). Or, if you’re into technicalities and naming things correctly, she was wearing a bright canary yellow sheath dress by her favourite designer, Roksana Ilinic.

 3. The Classic Fairy Floss.

This Alexander McQueen pastel pink skirt and top ensemble is a little bit heavenly, isn’t it? Inspired by pink marshmallows and cherry blossoms and roses and the colour of Prince George’s cheeks in the morning time, Kate wore the colour all fashion people are saying is very “in” and “hot” and “autumnal” right now.

4. The Pocket Full Of Posies.

What does one wear to inspect one’s New Zealand based planes? Why, a white L.K. Bennett dress with a scattering of blue flowers, of course. Isn’t that obvious?

5. The Royal Hybrid.

Is it a coat? Is it a dress? Is it dove grey? Is it pale blue? Is it violet? How are your shins always so impeccably shiny?

So many questions, just one Easter Sunday McQueen outfit.

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