Fluff: Wills, Kate and George's Aussie itinerary is here.





This is for anyone who loves Kate and Wills. And anyone who cares about their adorable royal baby. Plus anyone who wishes Kate would just donate her entire wardrobe to them.

So, everyone. This news is for everyone.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have finalised will visit their favourite convict nation in April – and there are so many potential sitings for all us lucky peasants.

There are many unconfirmed reports and many facts, and of course we will inform you of both.

Reported: a young European nanny is tagging along to take care of George and get free stuff probably. Also reported, Kate will be wearing up to four outfits a day and will be dressing herself. That’s NO personal dresser people. That means ‘slumming it’ in royal talk.

Fact: This is a list of all the places they are going and therefore all the places you can accidentally run into them on purpose. You’re welcome.

  • April 16 – Sydney, NSW
    Sydney Opera House
  • April 17 – Blue Mountains, NSW
    Visiting areas effected by the bush fires.
  • April 18 – Sydney, NSW
    Sydney Royal Easter Show
    Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice
    Surf Live saving demonstration
  • April 19 – Brisbane, Qld
    RAAF Amberly for Wills
  • April 20 – Sydney, NSW
    Easter Sunday Service at St Andrew’s Cathedral
    Toronga Zoo  (specifically the Bilby enclosure that was dedicated to George)
  • April 21 – Sydney, NSW
    Nothing scheduled on this day, we can only assume a family fun day is on the cards.
  • April 22 – Uluru, NT
  • April 23 – Adelaide, SA
    Northern Sound System Studio
    Playford Civic Centre
  • April 24 – Canberra, ACT
    National Portrait Gallery
    Parliament House
  • April 25 – Canberra, ACT
    ANZAC day service

Extra points goes to anyone who can not only meet them, but also bring a baby along for a potential set up with Prince George.

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