Did Kate Middleton just tell everyone the gender of her baby?

Oops, she may have let it slip accidentally.

Both Prince Charles and Prince William have made it known that they would love a baby royal girl in the family, and Kate Middleton could be carrying just that.

The Duchess of Cambridge may have just let slip what gender her second baby is going to be.

She's been wearing a lot of pink - is that the clue? Image via Getty.

During a shopping trip to one of Kate Middleton's favourite shops the Duchess seemed very drawn to the girls section of Amaia in London. Onlookers told PEOPLE that the soon-to-be mum was much more interested in the girls clothes and barely gave a thought to the boys.


"She was very interested," co-owner Segolene Tresca told PEOPLE. "Every mum that comes in the shop, they look for boys' but they always end up looking at the girls' stuff too."

The co-owner then admitted to the publication that everyone is hoping for a little girl, because it will be "so cute" and the siblings will be an adorable little couple.

Just add a little girl in to this photo please. Image via instagram

Royal watchers are going crazy with anticipation as the due date fast approaches.

This week it was also reported that Kate Middleton stepping out in a baby pink ensemble at Westminster Abbey could've been another hint that the 33-year-old was expecting a girl.

However, the couple have said that they don't know the sex of the baby and are excited to find out when it arrives.

We hope the royal family add a mini Kate to their cluster, because we probably can't think of anything cuter than a mini Wills and a mini Kate.

I guess we'll just have to hold on to our hats and keep waiting it out. Any more hints would be greatly appreciated Kate.

What do you think the gender of the baby will be?

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