FLUFF: Karl Stefanovic humiliated Richard Wilkins this morning. Hilariously.

Karl Stefanovic is an evil genius. A maniacal hot mess of a man whose general mischievous existence is the gift that just keeps giving to the internet.

His latest prank involved humiliating his Today Show co-star Richard “Dicko” Wilkins. For that, he enlisted the help of radio duo Fitzy and Wippa on Nova.

Watch as K-Stef tricks Dicko into thinking he’s leaving Today…. and that he’s the new host…

This hilariously mean prank comes just days after Today‘s sports reporter Ben Fordham announced he’d be leaving the show.

Karl played it cool over the phone (live on air) pretending that he’d had enough of co-hosting the breakfast TV show: “I can’t keep going with Today,” he half-grunts, half-confesses. “I’ve just gone upstairs and told Gynge (nickname for their boss, channel nine head David Gyngell) I’m done. It’s just got a bit too much for me this year.”
There’s silence, swearing, more silence from the other end of the phone. And that’s where the cruelty comes in…
Karlos Stef-dizzle convinces Richard that the job is now his.
“I said…I really want Dickie to step in. He’s the one who deserves it most so Gynge seemed pretty happy with that.”

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