FLUFF: Is Karl Stefanovic getting fired from the Today Show?

WHAT? Karl Stefanovic leaving the Today Show?

He couldn’t… He wouldn’t…

We’re really not sure what to think. There’s either some devastating truth to this rumour, or he’s pranked us all again, that cheeky Karl.

Stefanovic, co-host of the Today Show, has talked about the insecurity that he faces in his job. This was prompted by recent rumours that Kochie, host of rival breakfast show Sunrise, may have been threatened with the boot by management in 2011.

Stefanovic, 39, told radio hosts Fitzy and Whipa, “As if it doesn’t happen everywhere. In my first year at the Today Show, I had three people come up to me at the car park and say, ‘Mate, I’ve just been offered your job’: Mike Munro, Ray Martin and Ben Fordham. I’m 100 per cent serious.”

He continued to say, “I know that ‘upstairs’ is actively planning to get rid of me, and I like it. I embrace it. I don’t care — it’s best to go, ‘It’s TV, eventually they will, so I’m just gonna have a great time and sail on into the sunset.'”

Well, we’re convinced.

Until we remembered Karl’s sneaky pranking history.

Like when he changed the Today Show’s correspondent Roz Kelly’s teleprompter, resulting in her talking about the cookies in Amsterdam.

Or when he convinced his co-host Richard “Dicko” Wilkins that he was leaving the Today Show and that Dicko would be taking his job.

It seems Karl is nothing if not a brilliant, hilarious evil genius.

Yeah. We’re not buying this tell-all yet, Karl.

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