Some bloke named Kanye auditioned for American Idol.

Earlier this year little known producer-turned-rapper Kanye West attended the American Idol auditions in San Francisco.

He spat out a track called “Gold Digger” and it wasn’t half bad — although maybe not a chart topper.

His wife, a long time supporter of his ambition and somewhat of a social media sensation in her own right, Kim Kardashian posted a behind the scenes teaser trailer of how it all went down.

Watch the trailer here thanks to Kimmy K’s Insta (@KimKardashian):

Kanye, a College dropout from the south side of Chicago, will make his début on the fifteenth and final season of the show next month.

Some behind the scenes footage of his performance was leaked a few months ago:

#Kanye auditioning for #AmericanIdol #WSHH

A video posted by WorldStarHipHop (@worldstar) on Oct 10, 2015 at 9:06pm PDT


It’s launched mega-stars like Kelly Clarkson and, um, Carrie Underwood so, with a little bit of luck, it could do the same for the wannabe rapper.

Who know? Maybe one day he’ll even be President.