Celeb news: Is Johnny Depp really single again?

There have been rumours for months, but now Johnny Depp and his long-term partner Vanessa Paradis have officially announced their split.

The couple have been together for 14 years and have two children – Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 9.

In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, Depps’s publicist said the couple “have amicably separated.” “Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children.”

People magazine reported:

Depp, 49, and Paradis, 39, first got together in 1998. Their romance began that June, when Depp saw the French actress sitting with a group of friends at the bar of the Costes Hotel in Paris, where he was having dinner with colleagues. Depp had a friend invite her over, and they talked for two hours.

A longtime resident of Plan-de-la-Tour in southern France, Depp recently told French magazine VSDthat living in France with Paradis and their kids “has given me everything. A marvelous family and also an equilibrium which I missed enormously.”