Things Katie Holmes once said...

As the remnants of the TomKat break up are scraped off the carpet, we thought it was about time we all took a quick breather.

So, we invite you to join us at a time and place, that was happier, sweeter and more… wholesome. That place is Dawson’s Creek.

Dawson and his gang galloped onto our screens in 1998. (Remember 1998? Tencel jeans, bandanas, snap pants, rubber bracelets? Those were the days…)

Together, we struggled through the nail biting moments of Jen’s teenage pregnancy, swooned at Pacey’s oh-so-funny jokes, and chucked stuff at the TV as Joey Potter yet again rowed across a freaking lake in the freezing cold and climbed rickety ladders just to see that daggy Dawson fella.

Some of our favourite Dawson’s Creek moments [post continues below gallery]:

And when the times get tough – it’s nice to remember those moments. In fact, Katie Holmes herself could learn a lot from the eternally optimistic, albeit slightly naive Joey Potter.

The fine folk over at Refinery29 have done their homework and re-watched the series and selected some choice quotes. As they point out – Tom Cruise ain’t no Pacey Witter – but we agree that some of these lines could (and perhaps should) be uttered by Katie right now.

Joey: “So what? If I want to be with you, I’m supposed to just throw all of my previous life experience out the window? I’m supposed to just stop being who I am?”
Season Six, Episode 23

Joey: “Imagine that, Pacey. We actually have something in common… Providing gossip for the small-minded townsfolk. And unfortunately for you, you’re tonight’s top story.”
Season One, Episode Six


Joey: “For so long, all I’ve thought about was you, all I dreamed about was you…”
Dawson: “What happened?”
Joey: “I got my dream, and now I don’t have anything else.”
Season Two, Episode Six

Dawson: “Here I am. Single, sandwiched in between two women who both dumped me. I am pathetic.”
Jen: “Hey, look at me, I’m dating a bible thumping hypocrite, okay?”
Joey: “Hey…my boyfriend may be gay.”
Season Two, Episode 15

Joey: “Why do I feel like I fell asleep on the train and woke up the protagonist in a Kafka story?”
Season Three, Episode 17

Joey: “Wait a second, I have to smile? You never said anything about smiling.”
Season One, Episode Twelve

Joey: “Just because I’m not in Daytona participating in some wet T-shirt contest doesn’t mean I’m not having any fun.”
Season Five, Episode 11

Joey: “God, Jen, what are we going to do all summer?”
Jen: “Same thing we did all last summer?”
Jen: “You’ll have to refresh my memory. I was otherwise engaged.”
Season Four, Episode 23

Joey: “You know, maybe — and this is just a shot in the dark — she didn’t mean to send it to the gossips at large. Maybe she’s just trying to get some private closure, never dreamed she’d be subjected to the Oprah psychobabble of her life-lacking peers. Now, do you guys want something to eat, or should I just bring over a nice tray of bon-bons so you guys can hunker down and watch your stories?”
Season Six, Episode Three

Did you watch Dawson’s Creek? What was your favourite 1990s television show?