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TRAVEL: When jetlag is a good thing: London as it's rarely seen

Jetlag affects some more than others – and whenever we travel it hits me in a big way. I struggle to adjust to my new timezone and I sleep odd hours for days afterwards.

But sometimes, that’s not such a bad thing. Sometimes, it actually works out quite well.

On our first visit to Europe together, my husband and I stayed in a stereotypical budget hotel in Paddington, London. It was the tiniest room you could imagine, with the bed taking up all but a few inches around the perimeter. Our first morning found us both lying awake at 3am, jetlagged. Wide-eyed, unable to sleep… and the excitement of being in Europe didn’t help. After a while, we decided to get up and head out for a walk (there’s nothing else to do in a room that small!), and so it was that our feet were hitting the uneven London pavements by 4am.

After I got over my hesitation at walking through Hyde Park at that hour (creepy), I admitted it was one of our better decisions.

We got to see this city as it’s rarely seen: quiet, almost empty.

We walked and walked, and took photos like these:

All that walking and marvelling made us SO hungry by the time cafes were opening for breakfast, that even a London breakfast with baked beans poured on top of everything tasted amazing.

I must admit that it wasn’t until later that day, when I saw London in all its busyness, that I realised how special that morning walk was. Seeing a city of this magnitude almost empty is a bit magical… and very eerie at the same time.

So the next time you’re on holiday and find yourself awake at strange hours – head out and see the sights as most never get to experience them. It might just be one of the best things you do.

Megan Blandford juggles two work-from-home careers (freelance writer and HR consultant) with her biggest role – mum to a gorgeous and hilarious daughter. In between, she likes to travel at any given opportunity and also writes a successful personal blog, Writing Out Loud. Megan lives in the hills on the outskirts of Melbourne with her husband, daughter and a crazy labrador.

When has jetlag worked for you?  How have you coped in the past?