Jessica Simpson has chosen her wedding dress - and it's not white.

When the mum-of-two marries her baby-daddy next week. And she’s revealed what she’ll be wearing. 

July 4 is a very patriotic day for an American to get married, and while Jessica Simpson will not be wearing red, white and blue when she does it, she won’t be wearing snow-white either.

When Jessica Simpson married Nick Lachey in 2002, she wore white, with a full veil.

Jess, 33, will finally wed fiance Eric Johnson, 34, in Santa Barbara next Friday wearing a custom-made Marchesa gown with a twist.

That twist? It's going to be pink.

The pair had set two previous dates for the wedding which were (happily) interrupted by the birth of their daughter Maxwell, now 2, and son Ace, 1. Jess seems to be squeezing in this wedding before their beautiful brood expands any more.

Jessica's sister Ashlee will be a bridesmaid and has commented that her dress is "just beautiful, really stunning."

So we've created a gallery of Marchesa's pink gowns to help her out.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to decide which one should be Jess' dress.

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