Jessica Marais: 'I felt like a monster mother'

Aussie actress, Jessica Marais, reveals that mothering has been the most unexpected role she’s taken on yet.

Jessica Marais, 29, says was not in the least bit prepared to be a mother when she fell pregnant with daughter Scout. In fact, she had only just become focused on her career and had begun her first US television role on series Magic City.

The former Packed to the Rafters Aussie actress was both shocked and excited by her sudden pregnancy, which has left her and actor husband James Stewart  with ‘absolutely no regrets.’

Jessica currently stars on channel Nine’s drama Love Child and is about to return to Sydney for the filming of season two.  She tells the Daily Telegraph today that fiance Jimmy was an incredible support when being a working mother started to take its toll:

“There were weeks I didn’t see her (Scout) for the entire week and come Saturday, she had to learn who I was. It was heartbreaking. I remember bursting into tears and crying, ‘I’m a monster, she doesn’t know who I am.’ But it is what it is and I think it’s really wonderful for my daughter to see a hardworking mother as a role model.

I was very lucky to have a fantastic partner who was hands-on. I just take my hat off to single working mothers. I really don’t know how they do it. Jimmy really pulled us through that time.’’

During the interview, Jessica jumped at the opportunity to praise her ‘Rafters mum’, Australian actress Rebecca Gibney, who she says played a big role in helping her raise her baby girl:

“She mothered me the whole way through. Every time I call, she’s always my second mum.”Always checking in. We went out and stayed at her place one weekend (during filming). When we come back through Sydney, she’s always there. She’s mum and always will be.’’

Love Child airs on Channel Nine on Thursday nights at 8:50 pm.

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