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Jessica Biel: 'I had no say whatsoever in the ring'

JT and Jessica

Traditionally, it’s the man who picks the engagement ring.

But is that still the case today? Are men expected to have the ring ready to go? Or is it a joint decision – aided by apps like Ring Finder?

In the case of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, it was JT who chose the ring when the got engaged earlier this year.

The 30-year-old actress spoke to US InStyle magazine about the engagement ring, pictured to the left.

“I had no say whatsoever [in the ring]. I don’t micromanage. He is fearless in his choices and has a real eye for design. And I’ll be honest: He has better taste than I do.”

Jessica also joked about how the pop singer chooses her outfits each day.

“When I walk out of the closet after getting dressed in the morning, I’ll go like this (turns palms upward) as if to say, “well?” And he goes like this (shakes his head no). Then he picks again. It’s hilarious.”

Jessica also talked about her future children and how she would never want to raise them in Hollywood.

What’s your take on engagement rings? Would you let your partner chose? Or would you want some say? What about if they chose one of these?