So Jesinta, how much does THAT ring cost?

Spoiler: A lot.

Earlier this month  Aussie model Jesinta Campbell said yes to her AFL beau Lance “Buddy” Franklin.

Jestinta made the announcement via instagram. But what we were all looking at was the ginormous sparkling rock.

Since then, Jesinta’s sparkler has been the talk of the town. And we were all thrilled when she appeared at David Jones with the ring.

Jesinta Campbell at the David Jones Boxing Day sales launch. Image:Getty
Jesinta Campbell. image:Getty

Okay, so you've probably been squinting at the photos. Don't worry, we did the hard work for you and hit the zoom button...

Close up of the rock. Image:Getty

Wow, right? Just wait until you get a front on look.

Close up of the rock. Image:Getty

Taking an even closer look at Jesinta's impressive ring, celebrity jeweler Emma Swann, told the Daily Mail the ring is worth between a whooping $75,000 to $100,000! Clearly, Buddy maxed out his credit cards on that purchase.

"The ring is mounted on a classic channel-set band, this process-cut diamond looks about a 2.5-3 carat stone surrounded by smaller diamonds that go all the way around. That would add about another one carat-worth of diamonds to the ring and always makes the centre stone appear even bigger," Emma said.

"It's a very popular design for most engagement rings styles nowadays, to have diamond set around the main stone setting, and it's very striking."

Wow, we are impressed. Jesinta's fiance did very well. Now, how do we get one of those? 

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Congratulations to Jesinta Campbell and Buddy Fanklin.

It’s official, that ring is an engagement ring.