Newlywed Jenny McCarthy dishes on her sex life.

Oh Jenny, TMI!

Have you ever wanted to know how Donnie Wahlberg is in bed? Well, Jenny McCarthyis going to tell you whether you like it or not!

The controversial actress and former View co-host has gone into explicit detail on her sex life with new husband Donnie Wahlberg during an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

Oh and did we mention Donnie was in the audience watching? Awkward. 

A fan submitted question wondered how sex had changed between the couple had changed since their wedding in August.

The lovebirds on Watch What Happens Live.

And her response? She did not hold back.

"Without a doubt, it gets better every single time I make love to him," McCarthy, 41, gushed of the New Kids on the Block singer, 45. "First of all, he has the most beautiful penis I've ever seen in my life."

But it gets worse. Fellow program guest Tom Bergeron interrupted to ask why it was "the most beautiful."

"Sometimes they're deformed-looking, and sometimes they're a different color than you're used to," McCarthy replied. "Some are, like, purple, some are pink."

But apparently Walhberg's, ahem, package is just right though.

"The size is perfect, I can't get too descriptive, fits my vagina perfectly. It hits the spot," McCarthy raved. 

And the admissions didn't stop there.

McCarthy went on to discuss how she and Donnie got together after after meeting him on Watch What Happens Live and then inviting him to appear on her own talk show.

"I thought he was married on your show, and then he went on my show, and I was like, 'He's single? I want to sit on his face,'" she recalled to Cohen. "That's what I told him."

"God, his family's watching! I'm so sorry."


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