FLUFF: Two of your favourite '90s pop stars just totally made out.

Remember J-Lo and Ricky Martin? Two of your favourite 90s pop stars?

The two singers/ sensual beings just totally made out in the video clip for “Adrenalina”. And it’s half-bizarre, half-awesome.

The video, which basically centres around a party thrown by a Puerto Rican rapper for all his famous buddies, involves Jenny sweatily dancing around in a huge cage-like dance room with an entourage of equally sweaty pals, and Ricky wearing a snood (we think) and sensually nibbling her ear.

First Ricky rolls up like this.

Then Jenny has a bit of a twerk. Like this.

Then they have a quiet moment in a room where everyone’s inexplicably wearing leather.

Then Ricky sensually nibbles her ear. Like THIS.

The whole thing’s pretty erotic. And is it just us, or have they not aged one day since 1998?

What do you think of the video? Weird or just plain awesome?

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