Fluff: Jennifer Lawrence's topless photos - awkward or stunning?

Jennifer Lawrence’s latest posters for Dior are here. Are they stunning or awkward?

That’s a trick question. As always with this cheeky Hollywood goofball, it’s the secret third option: Stunning and Awkward.

J-Law is featured in the fashion giant’s next big campaign, holding a handbag, wearing a coat, and staring dreamily off-camera. She even sort-of, kind-of goes topless-ish in one shot. Scroll down and let us know what you think.

Lawrence also sat still for a full 42 seconds to record a Miss Dior interview, which was subtitled in French so all the stylist Parisians don’t miss JLaw’s latest attempt to take her High Fashion campaign with Dior seriously.

It’s very dramatic… We open on an empty chair. Elegant elevator music plays. J-Law tries to keep a straight face while talking about the Dior gowns she’s worn, and how they need to be more stair-friendly (cheekily referencing the moment when she stacked it on her way up to accept last year’s Oscar for Best Actress). Presumably, a French minder and J-Law‘s tired publicist stood just off-screen gesturing wildly for J-Law to keep on-message. And she does pretty well.

This is probably the most serious we’ve seen our imaginary best friend:

As for the stills. See for yourself, the magnificent starring role her new pixie cut has:

If you feel like you miss J-Law at the moment, it’s because she’s been keeping a pretty low profile. She hasn’t photo-bombed Taylor Swift, drunkenly addressed the world’s media, or broken through barricades to speak to distressed fans at all lately. We hear that’s for a number of reasons: She’s busy filming the third instalment of The Hunger Games, she’s been grieving for co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman, working on the new X-Men, and staying coy about her Oscar chances this year.

The next opportunity we have to marvel at comedic goddess J-Law will be at the Academy Awards on 3rd March, when she will be presenting the award for Best Actress.

In the meantime, here are her other famous attempts to take fashion seriously…

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