FLUFF: Behold, the most perfect goddess face of the internet.

What do you get when you cross the facial features of Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence?

Oh, just the most beautiful face on the planet, that’s all.

Some Photoshop wizard has taken photographs of 23-year-old Harry Potter actress Emma Watson and 23-year-old Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence and fused them into one spectacular face.

But here’s the eerie thing: This Emma Lawrence / Jennifer Watson mash-up looks like both girls at once. (Or for the nerds out there, let’s call her Hermione Everdeen. Or Katniss Granger. Yes? Deal.)

We stared at this image for much, much longer than we’re willing to admit, trying to decide which features belong to whom. We’re deeply confused and we can only come to one sensible conclusion: That Emma and J-Law are secret, excessively famous twins.

Let’s take this one step at a time.

Here’s Jennifer Lawrence, just being Jennifer Lawrence.

Here’s Emma Watson, just being Emma Watson.

And here’s what happens when you blend the most flawless features of two definitely separate human beings into one super-human attractive person that creepily resembles both original face-owners at once.

Spooky, right? Whose face is that? How can it simultaneously be Jennifer’s and Emma’s face? What dark, magnificent magic is this? (Answer: It’s Photoshop).

Be right back, we’re just popping out to Photoshop J-Law’s mouth and Emma Watson’s eyes onto all our Facebook profile photos…

If you’re like us, you need to immediately compare Jennifer’s face with Emma’s face, over and over and over.

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