FLUFF: Jennifer Lawrence goes on David Letterman. Is glorious.

Jennifer Lawrence went on David Letterman last night talked about farts because she is glorious.

There is no way Jennifer Lawrence on David Letterman was going to be anything other heavenly because she is heavenly.

It’s a long video, but worth it because it’s JENNIFER LAWRENCE ON DAVID LETTERMAN.


Here’s a breakdown of the best bits:

0:00 – She comes out. Looks glorious.

4:40 – Starts talking about being sick: “There’s only so many times you can shit your pants before you have to go to the emergency room.”

5:00 – Gives way too much information about her endoscopy but gets away with it because she is glorious: “The problem is either in my lower intestine, or my mind.”

8:35: Talks about her dress at the premiere of Hunger Games Catching Fire: “ARRRGGHHH Thighs thighs THIGHS!”

10:40 Asks for a doona. Gets one. Snuggles with David Letterman. Yes. Jennifer Lawrence and David Letterman are snuggling under a doona.

The rest – continues being glorious in every way.

Are Sophie Monk and Jules Lund replacing Kyle and Jackie O?

It seems likely, with media website Mumbrella having just revealed that Austereo have registered web domain names for the duo:

Pic: Mumbrella

Other domain names registered include sophandjules.com and julesandsoph.com. Sophie Monk is currently co-host of the Today national weekend breakfast show with Dave Thornton, and Jules Lund has been co-host of the drive-time show with Fifi Box.

This is not a drill people. This is not a drill – Lena Dunham has shared a teaser for the new seaon of Girls.

Can. Not. Wait.

Jimmy Kimmel pulls best Christmas prank ever.

Jimmy Kimmel pranked John Krasinski and Emily Blunt by taking SEVEN HOURS to decorate their house with Christmas stuff. There was fake snow, carol singers… Everything. Even the house gets wrapped in a giant red bow. Their reaction when they get home is…. Well, watch:


Victoria Beckham is giving away 5000 pairs of shoes and she still has more shoes than you.

Victoria and David Beckham have donated a bunch of their clothes to a local charity store to raise money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. If Posh Spice’s tweets are anything to go by, she and Becks have more clothes to give away than you’ll ever own in a lifetime:

Kyle Sandilands has debuted his girlfriend in Who Magazine.

Kyle Sandilands, the man that Australia loves to hate, has done a “tell all” interview with Who magazine (on sale today) on the relationship with his 22-year-old girlfriend Imogen Anthony. On the cover of the magazine, behind a headline that screams “LOVE, MARRIAGE & BABIES”, the 42-year-old radio shock jock is seen posing with her girlfriend… and she’s wearing a very shiny ring on a very important finger.


Kyle described Imogen as “the love of his life,” who structures her day around when he’s going to be home. While Imogen, a former glamour model, says that their relationship works because “he’s not an old 42, and I’m not a young 22.”

That’s love.

The at-home interview with the couple was reportedly worth $45 000.

Hugh Jackman has had a cancer scare.

Hugh Jackman’s Instagram account is normally full of fun selfies and family photos, but today the actor posted a photo revealing he’s had a skin cancer scare. After prompting from his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, Jackman saw a doctor for the unusual mark on his nose, which turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma:

Basal cell carcinomas develop on skin that has been exposed to the sun. While the carcinomas usually don’t spread, they can cause damage to the surrounding tissues if they go untreated.

Robbie Williams: “I don’t want her to meet someone like me.”

Notorious music bad boy Robbie Williams has revealed the inspiration behind his latest single Go Gentle in an interview. The song covers Robbie’s fears that his daughter Teddy may meet someone like him, and what she should do if she does. Robbie, together with wife Ayda Field, welcomed daughter Theodora Rose in September last year.

The interview, which took place at a Facebook event in London on Wednesday covered everything from The X Factor to his new studio album and raising his daughter. Opening up about his time as a father, Robbie commented: “So far so good – it’s been an absolute pleasure to love her and care for her.”