Jennifer Aniston's forehead is big news today.

Is that a wrinkle? QUICK! GET RID OF IT.

1. Shock Horror! Jennifer Aniston is ageing! (Ever so slightly.)


The interwebs has gone a little bonkers over Jennifer Aniston’s new advertising campaign for haircare company Living Proof. In the photos on Living Proof’s website, Jen’s face looks suspiciously smooth. Baby’s bottom smooth. But compared to close-ups of her face from recent red carpet events, Jen actually has some lines on her forehead. CALL THE AUTHORITIES.

So what’s worse: the internet shoving Jen’s (again – barely there) ageing in her face, or the fact that a company called ‘Living Proof’ felt they needed to smooth over a few little lines on the face of one of the most gorgeous women in the world? Sigh.

And in other recent photoshop disasters:

2. Could Paris Jackson be moving in with her birth mum, Debbie Rowe? Click here for details


Keith Urban: Dumped.

3. Keith Urban has been dumped.

By American Idol that is. (But we had you going there for a second, didn’t we?) Rumours are swirling (because apparently rumours ‘swirl’) that ratings on the long-running US talent show have dropped so low, the network has decided to dump everyone and start again. Which do you think he’s regretting more – leaving The Voice Australia or having to spend weeks sitting between sworn enemies Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj? He’s yet to make a comment but… chances are he’s glad to no longer be the filling in that diva sandwich.

4. Demi Moore has an Aussie toyboy! Click here for details (and a pic…)


It’s hot and I’m not having fun. Woe is me.

5. Which brave celebrity picked a fight with Anna Wintour?

Okay let’s rip this off like a bandaid: It’s Gwyneth Paltrow. Yeah, yeah – there’s been a lot of Gwennie news lately, but the girl just can’t open her mouth without breaking the internet.

This time it has to do with her recent comments after the Met Gala, in which she basically gave Vogue editor Anna Wintour a verbal bitch-slap. Gwyneth, 40, told US Weekly:

“I’m never going again. It was so un-fun. It was boiling. I did not enjoy it at all.”


Considering Wintour is 1) the real-life version of a Mean Girl and 2) the person who organised the Gala, Gwenie is one brave woman.

There goes any future Vogue covers.

6. First Jessica Alba and now Holly Madison has admitted to this (painful-sounding) post-birth diet trend. Are they crazy?


7. You’ll never guess which famous face has an online dating profile.

Celebrities need love too, damn it. And what better way to find it in this day age but to set up an online dating profile and announce it on national television?

That’s exactly what Martha Stewart, 71, did a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like things are going well – thousands of eligible men responded, and yesterday she took her two top picks on the Today Show. As you do. (A filmmaker and a steel trader FYI. The steel trader likes the ocean so… that’s nice.)

Going for annonymity, she used a different name. But the giant picture of her, plus, you know, the national TV thing may have given it away. The pseudonym also happens to be the name of her new book, which smells suspiciously like a publicity stunt.

But you never know, true love may come out of it in the end. Maybe. Take a look at the profile from

So… know anyone you could recommend?

8. Has your love life gone from hot to lukewarm since having kids? Then you’ll be nodding along to the words of this hilarious song.

9. This Video WINS the internet today.

At sports games in the US, there’s something called a ‘Kiss Cam’ that scans the crowd looking for couples who are then supposed to, well, kiss. Cute, but whatevs.

Whatevs UNTIL: One dude refused to kiss his date and she got maaaaad…

Go on, it’s less than two minutes long and makes you want to say “You go girlfriend!” with a sassy finger click:

10. Who doesn’t want to piss off their Mum on Mother’s Day?

Well, everyone actually. But if you’re brave, and if you’re mum has a sense of humour, you might like to give her one of these cards on Sunday: (via Hurricane Vanessa)

Mum Jeans. Classic.
What a nice sentiment.