Fluff: Celebrity slammed for joke about missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

Oh Jason Biggs. You famous, famous idiot.

The actor, who is probably best known for sticking his junk in a pie (American Pie, to be exact), just became the first person to publicly joke about the missing flight MH370.

In an epic case of ‘way too soon’, Biggs tweeted the following while watching the US TV show The Bachelor:

First of all: Too soon.

Second of all: Not even funny. When Biggs got a huge amount of backlash about how the insensitive tweet (there are families desperately panicked about the 239 passengers aboard that flight), Biggs refused to budge. He wouldn’t apologise, and he stood by his weak joke.

Go stick your junk in a pie, Jason Biggs.

But it seems like something may have been in the celebrity water this week, because Lena Dunham also found herself having some majorly warranted twitter regret.

In response to a fan who told her “you don’t always have to get naked!” Lena tweeted:

“Please tell that to my uncle, mister. He’s been making me!”

*crickets* *tumbleweed*

Molestation = not funny. Especially from someone who’s been such a vocal supporter of Dylan Farrow (Woody Allen’s daughter) and the rights of those who’ve been sexually abused.


Unlike Jason Biggs though, Lena immediately responded to criticism and deleted the tweet, as well as posting this apology:

Jason Biggs needs to take apology lessons from Lena Dunham.

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