Celeb news: James Packer in a punch-up with his best friend.

James Packer has been caught in a punch-up with his former best friend David Gyngell.

The 46-year-old casino/media mogul was photographed outside his home in a vicious fight with the head of Channel Nine, Gyngell.

There’s a bidding war currently going on to purchase those photographs – but as we understand it, the altercation happened outside Packer’s Bondi mansion. The pair came to blows until a couple of bodyguards – who seemed to be part of Packer’s entourage – separated them.

Apparently, it started when Gyngell confronted Packer about his decision to leave his seven-year marriage.

There are whispers that these graphic photographs of the fight could be worth at least $70,000.

UPDATE: Channel Nine has just released an official statement addressing the apparent fist-fight. It reads:


Personally, we enjoy this description the best. “Shittiest haiku ever.”

Meanwhile, we’re hearing that James Packer thought all the media outside his house were waiting to snap a photo of supermodel Miranda Kerr, who he’s rumoured to be dating and is currently in Sydney… Oh, James.

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