Jackie O gets real about her post-baby body concerns.

The radio host told Kyle Sandilands she fears people seeing her body.

Jackie O is one of Australia’s most well-known women, but if you think that stops her from body-image issues, you’re wrong.

The mother-of-one revealed on her radio show with Kyle Sandilands that she’s been going to extreme lengths to cover her body up.

Jackie with her daughter. Image via @kyleandjackieo on Instagram.

Jackie O was recently in Fiji with her husband, Lee Henderson, and her three-year-old daughter, Kitty, when her fears about her body really set in.

Jackie with her daughter. Image via @kyleandjackieo on Instagram.

"We went to Fiji for a week and I was not bikini ready at all. I'm so embarrassed about being in a bikini at the moment so what I do is I wear a dress [into the pool]," she said.

Jackie with her daughter on holiday in Fiji. Image via @kyleandjackieo on Instagram.

"I wear this netted dress as I descend, and as I get deeper I start taking [it] off so people won't see [my body]. The resort has a pool that everyone hangs in and all the banana lounges are set up around so it's almost like you're on show when you go in."

Jackie O admitted she has been shocked by Sydney's recent bout of hot weather and this has impacted her decision to lose weight in preparation for summer.

Jackie with her daughter on holiday in Fiji. Image via @kyleandjackieo on Instagram.

"I've been on a diet for four days and treadmill for two days," she said.

Jackie with her husband, Lee Henderson. Image via @kyleandjackieo on Instagram.

"I need to get into shape for summer, this hot weather has just sprung up out of no where and I'm not ready for the summer months."

"You know when you wake up first thing and you feel really hungry and you lift your top up and you see 'yep, I'm a bit skinnier today'?"

Jackie with her daughter in 2011. Image via @kyleandjackieo on Instagram.

We think Jackie looks stunning as she is now.

Can you relate to Jackie O's comments? 

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