The family of the nurse who suicided after royal phone prank speak about her legacy five years on.

On 4 December 2012, an Australian radio show prank-called the London hospital a pregnant Kate Middleton was being treated at.

Three days later, Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who took the call and transferred the radio hosts through, was found dead after taking her own life.

Now, five years on, her family has spoken about their loss as well as the legacy they are building for their mother and wife.

“The first few years were the hardest,” Saldanha’s daughter, Janice Pinto, 20, told WHO magazine.

Jacintha with her children Janul and Janice.

"She would call me every day at 6pm, just before she went to work. To check up. You know, ‘How are you doing? How was school?’ That phone call is what I miss every day."

Pinto, her brother Junal Barboza, and father Benedict Barboza are channelling their grief into a project helping to establish a hospital in Mangalore, India, including a ward named in her honour.

Saldanha's widower says the hospital will "take care of the poor people, the sick people from the roadsides" when it is completed in mid-2018.

Pinto added her mum had plans to open an aged care facility or otherwise help the elderly or sick, "so it’s something she would really want".

Her brother says he's been inspired by his mother and the admiration of her work he heard in the wake of her death.

"Whatever I do now, any achievement will be for her and for my dad and for my family. That is the way that I kind of live my life."

Five years on, still no answers.

It goes without saying when 2DayFM radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian made their prank call to King Edward VII's Hospital in December 2012, they had no idea what would follow.


Pretending to be Queen and Prince Charles asking about the Duchess of Cambridge's treatment for severe morning sickness, Saldanha put them through to the nurse attending the royal couple.

The royal family did not blame the hospital, nor the nurses and they recieved no discipline.

Yet on December 7, Saldanha was found dead, an outcome that had the world asking one question: Why did she kill herself?

Mel Grieg prank call
Despite two hosts involvement, Mel Greig became the focus of backlash. (Image via Sunday Night.)

Sadly, it's an answer we'll never have. While Saldanha's husband Barboza said she had no history of depression or psychiatric illness at an inquiry into her death, her mental health prior to her death - before or after the prank - had not been assessed by a professional.

No one except for vicious trolls suggests Greig or Christian were responsible for the nurse's death.

However, in October 2014, Greig - who copped most of the trolling - told Newsnight she would always feel at fault "to an extent" for her taking her own life.

"I was mentioned in Jacintha's suicide note - not the Australian DJ, my name," she said.

"She thought of me before she took her own life. How can you not feel guilt and blame? And I always will, but I have learnt to deal with it now."

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