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You should ask guys out. Seriously.



How is it that in this day and age of post feminism, so many women are still reluctant to be the ones to ask a guy out? For years women have fought for the right to vote, equal pay and the chance to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, but ancient attitudes like this seek to undo much of that progress.

I’ve heard all the excuses, “I want a guy who’s confident”, “if he REALLY likes me then he’ll ask ME out”, “I don’t want to seem desperate”. Hearing things like this makes me want to stab myself. In the thigh. With a spoon.

Come on, really? Let’s do a little myth busting, shall we?

“I want a guy who’s confident.”

Oh yeah? Well I want a unicorn that shoots rainbows out of its arse. But here in the real world we don’t always get what we want. For one second, picture this guy at the party: he looks like George Clooney, is really fun to talk to, is a European prince, has a giant shlong but it just so happens that he’s also a little shy.

This guy who you’ve spent your whole life searching for is right in front of you but you’re not going to ask him out.

Because you like guys who are confident.

Well, I hope you also like cats…

“If he REALLY likes me then he’ll ask me out.”

That’s like saying, ‘if I work late every night, my boss is bound to notice… right?’

Uhh… no. Dates are like promotions, you’re not (usually) going to get one unless you ask.

Also, what’s the worst that could happen? You’re wasting your time batting your eyelashes and flipping your hair at that guy on the train. Men are hopeless at taking hints, you’re better off clubbing him on the head and dragging him back to the cave.

“I don’t want to seem desperate.”

It’s actually quite the opposite. Men LOVE IT when a woman asks them out. We know how hard it is; the nerves, the fear of rejection… that’s why we’re so appreciative when a woman makes the first move.

It’s awesome that you’re an “Independent Women”, but even Beyonce had to ask guys out every once in a while. Ok maybe not Beyonce, but let’s be honest – we can’t all be Beyonce, can we?

Now get out there you crazy broads!

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Have you ever asked a guy out? If not, what was stopping you?

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