Student whose mum reported her missing when she didn't turn up for Christmas posts on Facebook.

A young woman whose mother reported her missing when she failed to come home for Christmas has posted a series of embarrassed messages on Facebook.

Isabel Gayther, 21, was meant to spend Christmas Day in Oxford with her family but didn’t turn up, prompting her mum to worry — and not for the first time.

Oh god how embarrassing, this is the second time my mum has filed a missing persons report, for a missing person I just keep coming back…errrr,” Gayther wrote on Facebook.

“Now I look like a c***,” she added.

Isabel's mum reported her missing over Christmas. Image via Facebook.

Police said the University of London student's 'disappearance' was "extremely out of character", according to The Mirror.

Prior to posting online she had not been seen nor heard from since around 11.30am on Christmas Eve.

Isabel does not appear to be missing. Image via Facebook

"I am not on my way to Syria or being held hostage," Gayther wrote.

"A day and half I'm out of contact and this is what happens??? I AM NOT MISSING."

She also posted a status that said: "One word Enmeshment mother enmeshment..."

Enmeshment is a concept introduced by Salvador Minuchin to describe families where personal boundaries are diffused, sub-systems undifferentiated, and over-concern for others leads to a loss of autonomous development. (Via Wikipedia)

Followed by a Psychology Today article entitled "Should You Divorce Your Mother?"

Image via Facebook.

Police have said they are aware of the messages but have urged Isabel to contact them directly "as soon as possible", The Mirror reported.

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