The most influential hairstyle of all time. Really?

Anne Hathaway in One Day


First Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser reveals he was stoned when he created the ‘Rachel’ back in 1994 and now THIS?

The this I’m referring to is Anne Hathaway’s mop (pic left) in One Day, the 2011 film she starred in, has been voted as the most influential hairstyle of all time.

Of ALL time people.

I mean, really?

It’s just like when Kristen Stewart was named the world’s most stylish celebrity. Up is down, wrong is right, bad is good. Is the fashion and beauty world playing some kind of George Constanza opposites prank on of all us?

If we’re talking all time here what about some of Hollywood’s Golden Age actresses like Marilyn Monroe? Or Audrey Hepburn and her pixie crop?

Or the cut that created a new type of ‘gamine’ beauty? Mia Farrow’s crop in Rosemary’s Baby? (Rumour was that it cost $5000 with director Roman Polanski flying in Vidal Sassoon especially for the job).

I’ve got nothing against Anne Hathaway and the hairstyle is really lovely but surely even Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett could flick Hathaway out of the water on this one? Besides One Day was released in 2011 giving the style just two years to make it’s influence, whereas the iconic ‘Rachel’ cut dominated hairdresser’s scissors for a decade (*shudders at the memory*).

Universal Pictures and the Hairdressing Council of Great Britain who conducted the survey, did give Aniston some love – she nabbed the second spot not for the ‘Rachel’ cut but for the curled, messy style she sported in Along Came Polly.

Audrey Hepburn came in third for Charade followed by Veronica Lake’s in The Blue Dahlia and Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club in the fifth spot.


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The survey also found that 10 per cent of women have changed their hairstyle thanks to a moment of inspiration whilst watching a DVD.

I came of age in the 90s so I’d vote for Gwyneth Paltrow’s crop in Sliding Doors or Meg Ryan in well, any romantic comedy but I most definitely remember lusting after her shaggy, choppy, messy style in Addicted to Love.

But let’s go back to the crop for a moment. Choppy, slicked back and razored pixie styles are gaining popularity thanks to stars like Michelle Williams, Miley Cyrus (does she count?) and Charlize Theron so with that in mind here’s some prodz you may like to give a go.

To create a tousled look: Blow dry hair, then apply KMS Messing Creme to get that messy second day texture – pull out individual pieces for an uneven dishevelled look.

For a piece-y/ textured look: Apply a root-lifting spray to hair first, then blow dry hair brushing the bulk of your hair forward with a round brush. Warm up a product like evo Easy Tiger smoothing fluid in your hands and use fingers to work the product through hair, piecing out sections as you go.

Sleek: Blow dry hair and use fingers to pull hair to one side. Apply a dot of O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum and work through hair, then use a straightener to enhance individual pieces before setting with movable hairspray.

Which celebrity hairstyles have you copied? And whose hair would you choose as the the most influential of all time?