The age at which you officially turn into your mother.

Nat with her mum, circa 1995-ish. Matching from an early age.






Hey you. You there.

Are you in your late 20s or early 30s? More specifically, are you about to hit the grand age of 31? If so – BRACE YOURSELF. Because you’re about to turn into Godzilla your mother.

That’s right. It’s long been a theory/cliche that as women get older, they begin to turn into the woman who raised them. But – until now – we have never had an exact age for this moment.

According to a new (and obviously very – cough cough cough – scientific) survey done by a bingo website called, women stop insulting and start imitating their mothers at the age of 31. Incidentally, this generally coincides with the birth of their first child.

According to the UK Telegraph – DottyBingo started the poll after finding that 80 per cent of bingo players “picked up the hobby from their mothers, grandmothers or other female relatives” – and they thought they would see what other behaviours are passed through generations. They wrote:

The poll found most women turn into their mothers between the ages of 30-35 – chosen by 52 per cent. Within this group, 31 was the most popular age for the change, chosen by 27 per cent of those polled.

Some of the common indicators? Enjoying the same tv shows and hobbies and even TASTE IN MEN. Hmmm.

Personally, I evidently didn’t get the age 31 memo, because I’m pretty sure that I have already turned into my mother. It’s been a slow descent, but I’m definitely getting there. Here are a few reasons why:

Jamie Oliver is my life.

1. My favourite TV shows are Downton Abbey and Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals.


2. I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones and I am usually quite behind on all the “cool” things. Exhibit A: I didn’t discover Kings of Leon or The O.C. until last year.

3. I hate it when hotel rooms don’t have white towels or white sheets because who knows what those brown towels are hiding.

4. I’ve come to really appreciate things like walks and hand cream and face mist.

5. When I go to the supermarket I pick the organic superfood muesli bars instead of those MUCH MORE DELICIOUS rice bubble and chocolate chip ones.

6. I keep coming home with clothes from Target because they’re “such good value for money!”

7. When not shopping at Target – I keep looking at items of clothing in mum’s wardrobe and going “hey, that’s quite nice…” (Our matching fashion sense started early, though. Refer to image at the top of this post.)

8. I get tipsy after 1.5 glasses of champagne.

9. I go to the beach all the time and never step foot in the water because I’ll ruin my hair and/or get cold and/or rub off my sunscreen.

So there we go. I am officially my mother.

God knows what will happen when I actually turn 31.

DISCLAIMER: I totally don’t mind turning into my mum. Like 51 per cent of the people who responded to the poll, my mum is the most inspirational woman in my life and so I would be overjoyed if I became half the person that she is. (Also, she is totally reading this so I can’t say anything otherwise…)

Have you turned into your mum already? If not – do you think you will turn into your mum?