NSFW: The Labia Library is a website all women should visit.

Labias. Just like this only not made of sugar.


You know what’s crazy? That billions of people on earth have this little thing called a vaginavulva, yet most of them have no idea what it’s meant to look like.

Sure, we know that it’s the ‘labia minora and majora’ as opposed to ‘inside lips and outside lips’ and we know that the vagina’s the inside part and the vulva’s the outside part and that the hole for tampons is different to the hole for wee. (Also – what’s the the plural for labia? Labia? Labias? Labi? Labiole?)

Details are (mostly) easy. But when it comes to the actual look of the thing? So many women think they have a hideous alien being between their legs, and that’s because they don’t spend enough time looking at other women’s vulvas.

It’s understandable though; besides porn (where every labia tends to look like a neat symmetrical slit), it’s not like there’s a plethora of ladies wandering the streets offering a glimpse of their special places. Most women who feel shitty about their vulvas (a scary amount of whom are willing to get surgery to change them), do so because they haven’t seen any visual evidence that proves women’s labia are just as diverse as their bodies. No two labia are alike and every labia is normal.

It’s almost as if we need some kind of catalogue… Some kind of library that is filled with pictures and information about all the wondrous and diverse labia out there.

Oh wait, THERE IS ONE. And it’s amazing. Introducing The Labia Library (probably not safe to click that link at work):

It’s an incredible website that has facts and frequently asked questions about the labia, and (most importantly) an epic gallery with a bunch of images of different labias (with views from the front and below, just so you get a good look).

The best part? This awesome resource was developed right here in Australia by Women’s Health Victoria. They launched the website to bust myths about how women’s labia look and to show ladies everywhere that no two labia are alike.

Head to the website right here to get a good look at how fabulous and diverse women are down below.