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Is kissing someone REALLY cheating?

Is kissing always cheating?


Way way back many centuries ago not long after the bible began I was a student at Hunter college where I took an acting class.

I was enamored with it, except not so much with my assigned scene partner- who seemed to lack my mutual hygiene rituals. We were assigned an act from Prelude to A Kiss- which is a romantic comedy (aka we had to act as though we were totally digging each other). Unfortunately I was not so much digging this guy on any level and was even slightly physically repulsed by him.

Still I soldiered on and we spent a lot of time together. At coffee shops, at his apartment, at my apartment, going over our scene, rehearsing our lines and as CRAZY as it began to seem, I started seeing him in a whole new light. I don’t know if it was me responding to the character (and not as the actress but as Melissa) but I actually began to look forward to our rehearsals.

I craved spending more time with him and I was convinced he was kinda starting to dig me too. And in the scene where we were supposed to kiss at the end- which I had originally NIXED that from our rehearsals- well I suddenly felt like we should add it back in.

I was supposed to be acting, but throughout the course of spending so much time pretending to like this guy- I actually began to like  this very unhygienic guy. But while I was falling in love with him- he was not falling in love with me. He was clearly a much better actor, and was  really just acting/pretending to like me.

Yet when we performed our scene and we kissed That was all me– that was me kissing him- but not, as I learned after- him kissing me. He was playing a role and clearly he was meant to be an actor as he had this ability to separate those two realities- something I could not do.


Which brings me to the question at hand – Kristen Stewart is on location with her director and they are caught kissing- madly and passionately– and no it is not part of an onscreen love scene. But still the point being that they are in this little bubble, making this film, spending so much time with each other- fully invested in this joint project and I can see how such an environment could lead one to NO GOOD  and to locking lips with someone with whom you are not in a relationship with (which is why I could never be an actress or work on location without seeing my better half).

A kiss is not just a kiss, a kiss is a sensual and very bonding experience- at least it is for me. But Kristen- perhaps when you locked lips with your director you were caught up in the moment- and maybe he was giving you pointers on how to act best in a scene? And as for the poor wife of the director whom you were caught smooching as Marilyn Monroe once said, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

So,all that being said… is a kiss ever just a kiss?
This post was originally published here and has been republished with full permission.
Melissa Chapman is the chief blogger at Married My Sugar Daddy, which you can find here.
What do you think? Does kissing count as cheating?
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