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Is it easy to be a WAG?


It’s official.

WAG fever has set in and I’m not afraid to say it: I have a nasty rash!

I’m totally infected.

No wait, what I mean to say is: I like perving on WAGS when they’re done up for red carpet events.

Phew, we got there!

The Brownlow red carpet last night was a feast of flesh, sequins, feathers and that was just the spectacular Brynne Edelsten (I WILL NOT hear a bad word against her. I mean it. If any of you personally attack her I will be very disappointed. I love that woman – hard.)


I like frocks, I like sparkly things, I like checking out the girls whose hard bodies footballers have deemed worthy to announce to everyone: “She’s with me.”

This morning during our daily meeting for the radio show (Mamamia Today. 3pm-4pm on Southern Cross Austereo) my co-host Dave Thornton made a particularly outrageous statement.

Man, those girls have got it so easy.

Say what?

I pressed him further on this theory and got this in response:

“Because they have money and time on their hands.”

WOW to the SERS.

What followed was a verbal stouch akin to that time Ross (from Friends) told Rachel they were “on a break.”

What kind of logic is that? I quietly raged. My husband has worked in football clubs for the past ten years and I have seen firsthand what some of those women go through and I don’t know if I could cut it.

They are under far more pressure to look good, raise perfect children, support their husband, attend games, cook the right food, keep the children quiet, time pregnancies and fight off rabid female fans trying to rip the clothes from their husbands back, than I ever have been.

Do other people think as my co-host Dave Thornton does?

Do these women who happen to have a professional sportsman for a husband deserve no empathy from us commoners?

Em Rusciano is the host of Mamamia Today on Austereo (which you should be tuning into at 3pm every weekday because it’s ace) and regularly appears on Network Ten’s ’The Project’. You should follow her on Twitter here and take a look at her website here.

Do you think being a WAG would be easy?