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Nick and Amy with their kids

The father behind the extraordinary online campaign “Save Locky’s Dad” has lost his battle with melanoma. Nick Auden died on Friday after being told in September he had only months to live.

Only two drugs, known as Lambrolizumab or Nivolumab, were thought to have the potential to save his life. Mr Auden and his family launched a campaign for access to the trial medicine, known as anti “PD-1”, but the cancer had progressed too quickly for him to receive the new drug.

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For more on the campaign Save Locky’s Dad see this previous post here. 

1. Nuclear deal

Iran has reached a deal with six world powers to temporarily freeze their nuclear program in return for the easing of sanctions imposed by Western countries. It was the first time in nearly a decade that an international agreement had been reached.

The US says the sixth-month agreement is only temporary and Iran must do “much more” to convince the world it is not seeking a nuclear bomb. Israel has denounced the agreement as a “bad deal”.

2. GST recommendation

An independent think-tank says it has come up with a package of reforms that could add around $37 billion a year to the bottom line of Australian government budgets. The package includes broadening the GST net to include fresh food and private spending on health and education, as well as a lifting of the age at which Australians can access their pension or superannuation to 70.

3. Cross Fit baby

Lea-Ann Ellison has had a baby boy

A US bodybuilder who received criticism after she shared photos of herself at eight-and-a-half months pregnant has given birth to a son named Skyler.

Los Angeles mother Lea-Ann Ellison has posted a series of status updates that are sure to court even more controversy. Informing her followers that not only is she just “seven pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight “but that the haters “can KISS MY CROSSFIT A*S”. She says she is starting her CrossFit routine up in 4 days time.

4. White Ribbon Day

To mark White Ribbon Day the Australian Council of Trade Unions have announced it wants special leave for domestic violence victims to be included as a minimum workplace award entitlement from next year.

5. Munchausen by proxy Dad

A father in the UK has faced court after subjecting his newborn son to hours of lengthy medical procedures. At one stage even putting his own blood in the newborns nappy. For more on this read this post here: “Ryan Muggleton MBP Dad”


6. Junk food apps

Health campaigners are demanding regulations similar to limits put on big tobacco be placed upon online junk food advertisements. KFC’s Snack! online game and Hungry Jack’s Shake and Win app are the types of apps that could lure children into consuming more fatty, sugary and salty foods, said consumer advocacy group Choice.

7. Fat tax

In the UK a Beauty salon is under fire for adding a ‘fat tax’ of up to £10 extra for larger ladies getting their legs waxed because they use up more materials. Women size 12 to 16 pay an extra £5. Over size 16 you pay £10.

8. Model sues dating site

Yuliana Avalos is suing for $1.5 billion for using her photo without permission on its dating profiles

A part-time model, Yuliana Avalos, is sueing the dating site saying that her image has been used in hundreds of fake profiles without her consent. She is suing the website for $1.5billion along with ‘thousands’ of others including famous actors, military personnel and Facebook users who say their pictures were used without their consent.

9.  20 year old custody case

An American woman found in Australia is facing extradition back to the US for taking her infant daughter from the Isle of Palms 20 years ago. Dorothy Barnett was located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast earlier this month after almost two decades of living with her daughter Savanna Catherine Todd under several aliases in South Africa and New Zealand.

10. Schoolies

After a relatively calm schoolies week last week, the Gold Coast is preparing for an inundation of teenagers from NSW and Victoria. More than 15,000 Year 12 students from NSW and Victoria will hit Surfers this week – many of them of legal drinking age.

11. Congratulations Janet!

Janet Mardbinda from the remote community of Warruwi

An eighteen-year-old girl, Janet Mardbinda has become the first person from the remote community of Warruwi to complete their Year 12 certificate. Warruwi is the main township on South Goulburn Island, which is about 290km east of Darwin. Its 400-odd inhabitants speak a mixture of languages, including Mawng, Walang, Kunwinjku and English.

In brief:

Australia has celebrated its first test win since January in the cricket at the GABBA

First Fairfax-Neilsen poll since the election has the opposition ahead 52- 48% over the Government

A study has found that parents who work long hours especially those in low-paid jobs can have the same impact on children as parents who are depressed.

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