If you've got an iPhone, stop what you're doing and upgrade your software. Stat.

Time to toughen up your iPhone security.

If you’ve got an iPhone (like 99.9999% of the population and 100% of the Mamamia office*) stop what you’re doing an upgrade your software.

Immediately. Right now. Stat.

Earlier this week, Apple announced a major security flaw in their iPhone software.

According to Slate, if you’re using an insecure WiFi connection (which doesn’t mean your WiFi has terrible self esteem – just that you’re using WiFi in an airport, or coffee shop, or similar) other people around you may be able to electronically gain access to transactions you have made on your iPhone or iPad.

And get information like, well, your credit card numbers.


Some tech heads on the internet have even said that the operating system OSX might affect Macs – as in, your laptop. Luckily, the way to upgrade your phone or tablet is pretty simple.

Just plug your iDevice into the computer, open iTunes, and then click into the icon for that device. Then, have a look for a button that says “Check for update.”

Aaaaand that’s it.

Simple – but also a pretty important security measure.

*These statistics may not be entirely accurate. 

Do you have a minor heart attack every time you hear about iPhone security breaches like this in software?