"This is why I'm not inviting you to my wedding."

Bride sends out invites. Explains to guests why they aren’t getting one.

Being a bride is tough. Any bride or former bride can tell you that.

Organising a full-scale event that will wow, amaze and keep your guests happy for at least 6 hours is a lot of pressure.

And some brides crack. Like this one.

She took to Facebook to explain to her friends why they may not get an invite to her wedding in their letter box. In a seven point memo. That then went viral on Reddit.

Via Reddit

While we aren't in full agreement over her idea to post this to Facebook, we do understand (some) of her points.

What do you think? How did you explain to people who weren't invited to your wedding and expected to come?

And while we are on the subject of weddings, these are the 21 things you should known as you hunt for the perfect wedding dress:

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