Is it normal that... I don't want kids at my wedding?

When a wedding invitation specifies ‘no kids’, parents can either take offence, or look forward to a night off. Can you help this bride decide what to do?

I’ve always dreamed of having a small, stylish wedding. I wanted less than 100 people there, a beautiful location and the best of everything. I didn’t want kids invited. I envisioned a sophisticated event, including everyone I loved. And none of their offspring.

My fiancé couldn’t disagree more.

He comes from a large, Greek family and the thought of not inviting children is horrifying to him. In fact, his family has sometimes refused to attend weddings that don’t include their children. To them, weddings are family events and therefore the entire family should be invited.

I love his family and I can’t wait to be a part of it, but having 50 kids running around, yelling, crying and breaking things just isn’t part of my plan. He has no appreciation whatsoever for the fact that I am trying to organise a wedding to remember, something we’ll both look back on and be proud of.

Even if I did want kids at the wedding, money is an issue. There are so many children in his family. We’ve been trying to save money wherever we can while still having a great day. Not inviting children will save us a lot of money. But he finds the idea of sending out invitations that request ‘no kids’ humiliating and is refusing to do it.

But can’t he see that it would be a good thing? A wedding reception without children is a totally different event. We can all relax. The parents can all relax. We’ll save heaps of money. And kids don’t like attending weddings anyway.

Is it okay to not invite children to weddings?

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