The bendiest mother-daughter duo you've ever seen.

Lots of mums love yoga. But not lots of mums have a photo gallery of mum-daughter yoga poses like this one…

One yoga-loving mum of two didn’t really think her new Instagram obsession would have any kind of major sticking power when she began posting photos of herself in various poses. Laura Kasperzak, 36, fired up an account in March 2012 on the suggestion of her niece — who requested a follow from auntie — and figured she’d collect a few “Likes.”

About a year later, her artful photos of herself and her kids, an 8-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter, in perfect form and in beautiful settings, were getting major attention. And now, Kasperzak has more than 700,000 engaged followers and estimates she posts as many as 40 images per week.

Kasperzak says she has no help in shooting the images for her feed. “Photography is my other hobby and passion so I really take a lot of pride that I shoot my own stuff,” she says. “I use an interval timer on my Nikon.”

To date, her most engaged post is a sweet image with her daughter, who mimics her mom’s impeccable backbend. It’s garnered more than 60,000 likes.

The instagram yoga mum's most popular post to date

As for her own favourite shot? She has a few, “although they all tend to be the ones with my kids and my husband. We have such a fun time taking the pics, that it’s hard for those to not be my faves.”

And it’s not just mum who’s loving the life of Internet celebrity mixed with fitness and fun. “My kids think it’s funny, though I don’t think they grasp the magnitude of it yet,” she said. “My nieces and nephews, who are slightly older, think it’s cool to have a famous aunt."

Do you like Laura's Instagram photos? 

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