Daily Buzz: Insecure women have more handbags.


It’s research that may well confirm what you already know: women tend to buy more accessories like handbags, shoes and jewellery when it isn’t related to their ‘core’ body image, specifically weight.

The study of nearly 290 New Zealanders found women who felt more insecure after looking at pictures of skinny models owned more handbags than their confident counterparts.

‘When media body-ideals threaten self-image, women may attempt to self-affirm via accessorising body parts not directly connected to their core body image,” lead researcher Jessica Boyce wrote in the journal Body Image.

Would you agree?

Here’s what else is on our radar today:

1. Bee Gees singer Robin Gibbs has died after a long battle with cancer. What was your favourite Bee Gees song?

2. Former Labor MP, no Independent, Craig Thomson has risen in Parliament to defend himself at length against accusations he used union funds to hire hookers. And, for the first time, he’s named names. He said he was set-up by former Health Services Union second in charge Marco Bolano.

“There was a particular threat made… by Marco Bolano… to the effect that he would seek to ruin any political career that I might have sought by setting me up with a ‘bunch of hookers’.”

He also broke down in tears when describing the way the media ‘got it wrong’ and the fact they were camped outside his bathroom window while his pregnant wife had a shower.

3. Speaking of Craig Thomson, Qantas waited for him to start speaking in Parliament before it announced the loss of 500 engineering jobs in Victoria. Qantas is ‘consolidating’ its engineering bases in Brisbane and at a second base in Victoria near Geelong.

4. A bride and groom in Chicago have had their wedding swamped by anti-NATO protestors. They emerged from the church to find themselves in a throng of thousands marching through the city.

5. South Australia is ‘a bit boring’. That’s the name, by the way, not the actual state. But what should it change to? Business South Australia wants a name change but concede it’s ‘bloody unlikely’.

6. Bob Katter emerged over the weekend to admit his anti-gay ads during the Queensland election campaign were a mistake of ‘major proportions’. But he seemed only to say they had been a political mistake as they lost him votes. Here’s how MM covered the issue.

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