One of the Real Housewives of Sydney enjoyed a few drinks in the Mamamia lift.

When Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield dropped by Mamamia HQ to record a podcast, she might’ve had a drink or two.

Or maybe nine. While doing an interview. But hey who’s counting.

Listen to Jessie Stephens, Josh Britt and Jo Abi recap Lisa Oldfield’s Real Housewives performance on The Recap, the podcast to listen to after watching Real Housewives of Sydney. 

We should’ve warned Lisa what to expect, because our resident lift-lurker, Clare Gerber, spotted her from an absolute mile away.

Clare has a knack for ambushing celebrities.

She predates the office, keeping an ever-watchful eye.

And when they enter the lift?

She pounces…

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Usually, Clare has to work pretty hard to wring any good gossip from her victims. However, her run-in with Lisa Oldfield was somewhat easier.

Partially because Lisa Oldfield personifies the ‘no-filter’ ethos – it’s not hard to get an answer out of her – and partially because she had a nice amount of day-drunk going on.

Notice the raised pinky. Pure class.

"Can I just ask you a question?" Clare beings.

Run, Lisa. Run now.

She goes on, "How real is it?"

"As real as my boobies,"  Lisa replies. She jiggles her boobies as she says so, because why wouldn't you.

"Are the fights real?" Clare asks.

"Biggest fake bitches you've ever met," Lisa says without skipping a beat.

Tell me more, Lisa...

To any celebs en route to Mamamia HQ: if you find yourself in the lift with Clare, BAIL.

Get outta there. Force the doors open, hit the emergency button, pretend to pass out.

Whatever you gotta do...