'Imperfect' mums, this one's for you

You might want to grab some tissues before this watching this one.

We mums are so hard on ourselves, always zeroing in on all we’re doing wrong in raising our kids and rarely acknowledging the moments when we nail it. After all, the stakes feel pretty high when you’re moulding another human being. And with no performance review to reassure you you’re an A+ mummy, it’s easy to assume you’re totally stuffing it up.

When the mums in this video from Elevation Church (via Upworthy and currently making the rounds again on Facebook) are asked about what kind of mothers they are, they talk about their shortcomings - how they’re not patient and present and calm and confident enough as parents. But then their kids are asked the same, and what they have to say will totally help put it all in perspective.

Remember, if you look at your kids and think they’re awesome, also remember that someone helped make them that way.

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