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This is the stuff bridal nightmares are made of.



It’s the stuff bridal nightmares are made of.

Imagine finding your dream wedding dress only to discover three working days before the big day that the store has gone into liquidation and your dress is gone. Gone.

That is exactly what has just happened to at least 70 brides, with the closure of Sydney store Bridal Vision.

Twenty brides and their families stormed the Wetherill Park premises yesterday demanding to know the whereabouts of their dresses and deposits.

Police were called in and shortly after the store voluntarily ceased trading. One bride-to-be, Nancy Moujalli, said she turned up at the store only to be told a different company now operated it.

“But some of the same staff were there and it was the same stock,” she told the Daily Telegraph. “There were so many other people there who had bought dresses fighting and arguing.”

“I felt really sorry for this girl who is getting married on Saturday. What is she supposed to do?”

Thankfully, knight in white satin bridal designer and former host of Project Runway, Henry Roth has swooped in to save the day. He is offering every single one of the brides a below cost wedding gown.

(Henry Roth, you’re Mamamia’s spirit animal of the week. High five).

At this stage there is no explanation for the closure from the company but the website’s landing page states: “we regretfully inform you that our showrooms are closed at this time” and claiming that “we are trying to come to an agreement with suppliers to deliver finished gowns to customers”.

“We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Any inconvenience? ANY INCONVENIENCE? Prepare to feel the bridal rage!

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Amanda Lumsden is one of those seriously inconvenienced brides; she discovered the news via a Facebook update.

Bridal Vision Dress
Amanda in her perfect dress that she’ll never wear.

“As I scrolled through the updates, I noticed a post about Bridal Vision’s liquidation and my heart stopped,” Lumsden said.

Lumsden walked into Bridal Vision seven months ago and handed over a $1200 deposit of what she thought was her dream dress.

“It wasn’t a breath-taking experience. The store was run down, and in the middle of an industrial estate a few hours from home. The service was terrible, and I had to pull dresses off mannequins myself to try on. In spite of all of this, we managed to find my perfect dress,” she told Mamamia.

Like many of the other brides, Lumsden had trouble contacting the store in the lead up to her wedding.

“I called in August and they asked me to call in September. I called in September and they asked me to call again in October.”

Lumsden is resigned to hitting the pavements again this Saturday with the other hundred or so dress-less brides-to-be but the Sydneysider remains optimistic because “even without a dress, I am marrying the man of my dreams in January.”

Did you have any wedding dress disasters?

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