real life

"I'm only coming to your wedding for the booze," said no one ever.

AMEN to this couple.

Amen to them for speaking the unspoken when it comes to wedding invites and RSVPs.

And amen to them for letting us all admit that yes, we’re just coming to your wedding for the booze.

Good, huh?

And just to add to the fact, we’d like to add some of our own.

Yes, I will be attending because:

– Your brother’s hot.

– It’s been three weeks since I started playing Candy Crush and I haven’t been out of the house since.

– I noticed the reception venue has a view.

– Free booze. We know they already wrote that but FREE BOOZE.

– No kids allowed, right?

– I’m crazy impressed that you bothered to send an invite via snail mail and not just over FB. The least I could do now is show up.

– Free booze.

No, I won’t be attending because:

– I’m not prepared to use my annual leave on you. The wedding is in Paris on a Tuesday and, well, I really wanted to use my four week’s leave to watch TV.

– I’m jealous.

– I’m in love with your fiancé.

– I don’t want to tell my mum that another one of my friends is getting married.

– You want me to be a bridesmaid and I can’t afford it. I’d rather spend my money on renovating the kitchen than spend it on those silver shoes I know you’ve already chosen.

– I made out with your cousin Steve after the last wedding and I’m worried he’ll lick my face if I see him again.

– I didn’t even know we were still friends until I got this invite. Actually, this is weird, I haven’t seen you since year 5. I’m going to unfriend you right now.

– I have to feed my cat that day.

Have you got any more to add?