4 reasons I'm happy I had 3 C-sections.

If I had any more kids, I’d choose a caesarian every time. And here’s why.

I had three c-sections and I’m not ashamed.

I’m sick of all the shame surrounding c-sections. The silent suggestion that you didn’t really “give birth”.

I had three. So what? My children were born healthily and I recovered well. Does it really matter if I was forced to have them or if I chose to have them?

In my mind, c-sections are a gift and millions of mothers and children owe their lives to them. In fact, if I had to choose between c-sections and vaginal births, the choice is easy for me…c-sections every time.

My first c-section wasn’t planned. My son was in fetal distress because I have an “abnormally small pelvic bone” and despite the fact he was quite small, he was getting stuck. So I had an emergency c-section.

C-sections are a gift of modern, medical science.

I asked if I could attempt a vaginal birth for my second child and my obstetrician said yes, but during my final ultrasound my son's head circumference was measured. He had a big head. So a c-section was booked in.

I was so relieved.

I chose a c-section for my third birth because by then I was fully aware of the benefits. It was a safer option for me and my child. And there were lots of other benefits:

1. I knew exactly when my children would be born.

I loved knowing when I was going to give birth. I had a date and a time. There would be no going into labour in the middle of the night for me, giving birth at 2am, having to wake up family.

I gave birth mid-morning at a civilised time after getting a good night's sleep.

2. I got to skip the whole painful labour thing.

I only got to experience early labour once and it wasn't funny at all. All those movies that show women panting and screaming, desperately clutching their partner's hands made it look quite amusing.


It is not. I can't imagine how painful labour becomes, but early labour was enough for me.

3. I was calm and relaxed when my children entered the world.

It made me so happy to feel so calm and relaxed when my children entered the world. It was a quite and peaceful birth and they didn't have to hear me puffing and panting away. I just lay quietly until they were placed in my arms.

And I remember every single sound they made when they were born. My first son cried like a lamb, my second son sounded like a cat meowing, and my daughter just shrieked at the top of her lungs.

I was calm when my babies arrived.

The only parts of my body that opened during my c-section were the parts that were meant to be opened under medical supervision. Nothing tore and nothing ripped. "Down there" was completely intact.

Nothing removes your dignity more than crying while trying to wee.

4. My children don't have to live with the fact they came out of my vagina.

My son came home from school one day and asked in a horror-filled voice, "Did I come out of your vagina Mum?" I was happy to tell him that he hadn't, that instead he came through a door in my tummy.

They can even see where the door was opened.

How did you give birth? Were you happy with the choices you made?

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