A cracked mirror and a 'wet grass' rug: Ikea's Virgil Abloh collaboration is peak millennial.

If you’ve ever wanted to drop $299 on a green rug with “WET GRASS,” then boy do we have great news for you.

Ikea’s latest collection sees the homewares giant collaborate with Virgil Abloh, who’s currently one of the biggest names in fashion. The 38-year-old designer is the artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton, and is the CEO of Off-White, an irony-heavy, iconoclast, street-wear label loved by the likes of Kanye West, Bella Hadid, Justin Beiber, and Rihanna.

The 15-piece collection is set to drop November 7, but here’s the thing. We’re a little confused. Despite the immense buzz behind the brand, some of the products, like the huge Ikea shopping receipt rug, may just be a little too conceptual for us.

24 seconds worth of Ikea puns, which will make your life so much better. Post continues below.

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For those of us who have lived in share houses, they’re the kind of novelty things you buy while caught up in the heat of the moment. It’s funny at the time, but then the joke begins to fade, and boy does it fade fast.

Here’s what we mean…

$299 MARKERAD mirror

This mirror does so much more than show you that bit of spinach that’s been stuck in your teeth since lunch. Featuring a crack in the left-hand corner, this mirror asks you to “challenge the purpose of everyday household items,” by distorting and subverting whatever is in front of it.

Just don’t go putting in any new cracks into the glass. You know what they say about bad luck and broken mirrors…

Ikea Virgil Abloh
Image: Ikea.

$179 MARKERAD chair 

From the outset this might look like a normal wooden chair, but no, look harder and you will see that attached to one of the legs is an "unexpected" doorstop.

Just don't expect it to actually do anything, because it's facing inwards and thus possesses absolutely no door-stopping capabilities at all.

Ikea Virgil Abloh
Image: Ikea.

$16.99 or $19.99 'sculpture' carrier bags

In 2019, shopping is art. To prove this, Virgil Abloh has designed a brown paper bag with the word "SCULPTURE" splashed across the wrong, written in big black letters.

But the question remains: Will a bag by any other name still ultimately end up in the 'junk drawer,' only to be used as a gift bag in a moment of panic?

We'll just have to wait and see.

Ikea Virgil Abloh
Image: Ikea.

$299 “WET GRASS” rug 

It looks like wet grass, the words even read as 'wet grass,' but alas it's just a green rug.

According to Ikea this rug goes beyond being just a floor ornament, and instead works to provide "a sense of irony and human connection to the product," and we don't know if we're feeling it.


Diehard Ikea fans can also purchase a human-sized Ikea receipt rug, the price of which has yet to be disclosed.

Ikea Virgil Abloh
Image: Ikea.

We might not understand the nuance behind each piece, but we can guarantee the range will probably sell out fast.

Like we said, that's art for you.

The MARKERAD collection will be available in all IKEA Australia stories from Thursday, November 7.

What do you think of this Ikea collaboration? Tell us in a comment below.

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