Generic brands: Why I'm just not that interested.

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‘Oils Ain’t Oils.’

Apart from the appalling grammar, it’s one of the great slogans of all time. (Certainly better than ‘Valvoline, you know what I mean.’)

Because oils ain’t oils.

And my favourite honey isn’t home brand.

And Glad Wrap isn’t cling film.

I had a bad baking experience with generic brand flour so I like to insist on White Wings. You can call me Nanna.

This post is a bit of a rant.

Because I’m fed up with not being able to buy my favourites at the big supermarkets as their own brands hog the shelf space.

Like a sleeping toddler in my bed, their trickily-named, pseudo-elegantly packaged products are stealthily taking over.

I don’t have a problem with a plain packaged generic brand – it’s good to offer shoppers a bargain option. When I’m buying sauce for the post-footy under 12 sausage sizzle I’m all for the 2 litre home brand pump pack, but at home, on my own snags, I prefer Rosella.

And sometimes, increasingly, the big supermarkets don’t stock it – or they’ll ONLY keep the jumbo size, forcing me to buy more than I need. Or I go on a schlep around the supermarkets – a frustrated nomad in search of 500mls of sauce.

I get why the big supermarkets are moving more and more towards their own branded products – they need to maximize profits for shareholders. But I think there should be a choice and it’s being eroded.

Also, it’s disastrous for companies who make good products, but can’t find shelf space at the places we shop. Yes, yes, I know those companies will supply product to be repackaged as a supermarket brand, but it would be nice to be able to choose between what we know is the real thing and what might be. If some shoppers are happy to pay more, why not?.

I know lots of people happy to cough up for non-supermarket brand milk, wanting the farmers to get more of a cut, and others who think no imitation will ever meet the original Mint Slice and are stockpiling in case the worst happens. That’s their excuse, anyway.

IGA supermarkets, are all for stocking your favourite brands. A genuine mint slice is a right, not a privilege.

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Do you feel frustrated when you can’t find your favourite brands at the supermarket?