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WATCH: She got married on her 100th birthday.


Dana Jackson is like millions of other brides-to-be. She’s having a hen’s party. She’s got a big white dress and a maaaaaaassive veil. And her wedding bling will – avert your eyes! avert your eyes! – blind you.

Dana is also 99-years-old. And she’s marrying her boyfriend Bill on her 100th birthday. (Who needs a letter from the Queen when you can marry your sweetheart, right?)

As for Dana’s main squeeze, well Bill is 87 and legally blind.

“When she comes down the aisle, all I can do is imagine it,” he says, “because I won’t be able to see her til she’s just a couple of feet away.”

Pass the tissues and take a look…

Of course, Dana and Bill aren’t alone when it comes to older people proving that age is no excuse for not living your life. (Did I just use a double negative?)

In 2003 Gustava Bennett Burrus fulfilled a life long dream by graduating from high school at the age of 97. Gustava’s education was cut short in the fourth grade when her parents pulled her out of school to support the family. Gustava had longed to go back to school ever since.

In 2012, M.A.C Cosmetics signed up 90-year-old Iris Apfel to be the face of their January collection. It sold out within days. Not surprising really. Afterall, when you’re amazing, you’re amazing regardless of the clicks on the odometer. Similarly, Daphne Selfe is the world’s oldest supermodel – still gracing catwalks at 83.

And then there was eighty-year-old Laverne wanted to do something ‘death defying’ for her birthday and went sky-diving. With almost fatal consequences. Remember this video?

Would you still opt to marry your partner if you met later in life?  Who’s the most inspiring older person you know?

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