Can't stand your ex? This divorce story will give you chills

We wish we'd been in the courtroom when the judge delivered this slap down to a couple during bitter divorce proceedings.

The couple, who live in Seville, Spain, have been hit hard by the residual effects of the financial crisis. They desperately want to divorce but claim they can't afford a new residence. Caught in the middle are their daughters aged 6 and 7.

The judge was shocked by what she described as 'extravagant' activities the girls participate in including  horse riding and sailing. She recommended they cut back on such luxuries (though no mention was made about whether to sack their maid).

The couple, who currently live in an apartment belonging to the husband’s parents, have been ordered by the judge to bisect it to create two separate living quarters. He said the potential for awkward encounters between the exes on the stairs presented “the lesser of two evils in view of the economic situation presented by both parties”.

Josep Maria Torres, a family law expert at Barcelona law firm Roca & Junyent said he ruling was highly unusual. “It is an extraordinary decision that could encourage other judges to seek similarly extreme solutions,” he said. “Spain’s economic crisis has changed everything.”

Do you think it's practical for a divorced couple to live under he same roof?