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A tired mum fell asleep at the play centre... what happened next is excellent.

An exhausted mum falls asleep while watching her kids play. What does another mum do? Something wonderful.

When mother-of-two Tara Jean took her kids to the local indoor play centre, she looked forward to some frantic fun with her son and daughter. What she never expected was to come to the rescue of a fellow mum who was absolutely and totally exhausted that day.

It was raining outside and Tara and her children wasted no time once they were in the centre, running through mazes and going up and down slides. As Tara was chasing her kids she spotted a mum who had fallen fast asleep while her own children played.

Tara posted this status update on Facebook later that day:

Dear Exhausted Mother Who Fell Asleep On A Bench At “Fun 4 Kidz”… I got you. Your little girl was thirsty, I gave her water. She hit her head coming down the big purple slide, I gave her a hug. It’s been an hour since you fell asleep, I won’t leave ’til you wake up…hopefully rested and ready to face the weekend with the warrior-energy us mamas need to parent with a smile on our faces.

Mama Tara Jean

Tara not only left the poor mum to sleep, but kept an eye on her children for her. When the sleeping mum woke up Tara says the mum was embarrassed and realised she should have been keeping an eye on her children.

Tara told her ‘it was all cool’ and that she could pay it forward, that if she ever spotted a mum in need, she could help her too.

It takes a village to raise a child and what a community we would have if every single mum out there just helped each other, particularly when we are at our most vulnerable.

Image courtesy of Facebook.

Do you think Tara did something wonderful? Do you think she should have posted about it on Facebook?