Frozen Elsa's (aka Idina Menzel) house is open for inspection.

Come and take a look inside the home of a real life Disney princess…

True to the words of the song that made her famous, Idina Menzel and husband Taye Diggs have ‘let it go’, selling their family home after announcing their divorce late last year.

Idina, who is well known as the voice of Princess Elsa in Disney’s Frozen, and Taye, who played Sam Bennett in Private Practice, were married for 10 years and have a five-year-old son named Walker.

Idina and Taye announced last December that they would divorce after almost 2 decades together.

Their six-bedroom Los Angeles home, set in the luscious San Fernando Valley, sold for $2.55 million in October - about 15 percent less than their original asking price.

The 1956 studio-style home is set on a third of an acre and boasts five bathrooms, high vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, a large pool and a tree house.

The home sold for $2.55 million in October, 15 percent less than the original asking price.

Other features include huge living areas, hardwood floors, an updated kitchen and a large outdoor area with manicured lawn and landscaped gardens. Very fancy.

Idina and Taye purchased the home in 2010 for $2.09 million, not long after the birth of their son. The pair, now both aged 43, first met back in 1995 when they were both cast in the Broadway production of Rent.

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